Shared Cost AVC scheme for EA NILGOSC Members - Open for applications

Pensions and Retirement

EA NILGOSC pension scheme members now have access to the Shared Cost Additional Voluntary Contribution (Shared Cost AVC) employee benefit scheme designed to boost your fi

Imposter Syndrome In The Workplace

Mental Health / Workplace Health

A recent survey found that 62% of employees experience symptoms of imposter syndrome, whilst 82% of women in business report feeling like a fraud at work.

Get The Most Protection From Your Sunscreen


The Public Health Agency (PHA) and Cancer Focus Northern Ireland are encouraging everyone to be UV aware and get the best from your sunscreen to help reduce your risk of skin cancer.

Volunteers' Week 2024: What's In It For You?


We want to make sure you get as much out of volunteering as you put into it.

What Is Mixed Dementia?


‘Mixed dementia’ is a condition in which a person has more than one type of dementia. A combination of Alzheimer’s disease and vascular dementia is the most common type.

Beaches Worth A Visit In Northern Ireland

Get Fit

Another Blue Flag beach, Whiterocks is one of the most popular surfing beaches in Northern Ireland and will also appeal to the explorer types, with a network of caves cut into the limestone cliffs

Pollen-Food Syndrome (PFS)

Allergies and Asthma / Healthy Diet

Pollen food syndrome (PFS) is usually associated with hayfever (allergic rhinitis). It affects around 2% of the UK population. It is also known as oral allergy syndrome.

Let's Talk About Stress

Mental Health

Stress is the body’s reaction to feeling threatened or under pressure. According to Anxiety UK, stress is when we think the demands placed upon us exceed our ability to cope.

Going Sober: What If My Partner Still Drinks?

Alcohol Guidance

We know that people with supportive family and friends tend to do better when making changes, but what happens if you feel like your nearest and dearest won’t (or aren’t able to) get onboard with y

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