Managing your mental health through change & uncertainty

COVID-19 and Mental Health / Mental Health

Change comes in many forms, and can affect every part of our lives. We can experience transitions in work and our relationships, as well as our personal lives.

Staying healthy in the 'new normal'

Mental Health / Healthy Diet

Now that we are into October, many of us are starting to settle into a new routine.

Are you doing Stoptober? Order your free QUIT kit today.

Quit Smoking

Whatever your reasons for quitting, it won’t be easy, but with preparation and support you can be successful.

Healthy Eating Week Webinars

Mental Health / Digestive Health / Men's Health / Women's Health / Nutrition / Healthy Diet / Recipes / Lifestyle / Healthy Weight / Sleeping Better / Family Health

As we near the end of Healthy Eating Week 2020 the Health & Wellbeing Team would like to thank all of those to participated in this week’s nutritional webinars and we hope you found them useful

How to make your dishes healthier with ten simple tweaks

Healthy Diet

Do you want to cook healthier versions of your favourite recipes without losing the taste?

Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Be Breast Aware

Cancer / Women's Health

Around 1,450 women in Northern Ireland  are diagnosed with breast cancer every year – approximately 80% of these are over the age of 50.

How to save energy at home

Financial Health

Saving energy at home isn't just about becoming more energy efficient — it's about learning how you can save money, too.

Keeping your heart healthy

Heart Health

Today is World Heart Day.

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