Mental Health

We can’t force our habits to change, our wounds to close, or our mind to quiet. All we can do every day and in the moment, is set the stage and wait. In this section you’ll help yourself create the conditions for a happier and healthier life, one that’s more aware of mental health as well as our thoughts and feelings.

Read more and watch videos on conditions such as depression, anxiety, mental health disorders, the early warning signs of poor mental health and the treatment available.

Mental Health Useful Resources

The EA currently have 162 staff on our Mental Health First Aider network. The Mental...
These five directories list the names, numbers and web addresses (where applicable) of...
Inspire Workplaces (one of the new names for Carecall and EAP Consultants), is a leading...

Mental Health Helplines & Web Chats

Action Mental Health
Association for Post-Natal Illness Helpline
Aware NI - Support Groups
Aware NI - Online Support Groups
Mind - Side by Side Online Community