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For all those keen to live a healthier life, walking is free, flexible and fun, and proven to have a huge impact on your wellbeing. We've put together 20 tips to help you fit 20 minutes of walking into your day. Download your #try20 checklist by following the link.

Tip 1 - Invite your household for a walk

Walking is a great way to get your daily exercise with loved ones. And you can all get fitter at the same time.

Tip 2 - Try a walking (phone) meeting

Get some fresh air and a change of scenery, boost your energy and productivity by combining a work phone call with a walk – just make sure to be aware of your surroundings and keep a two-metre distance from others.

Tip 3 - Let nature guide you

Try to find some green on your walk, whether that’s at a park, on tree-lined streets, or at your local nature spot. Listen out for the different types of bird song, and if you have little ones, why not count how many different things you see?

Tip 4 - Walk before or after you work

We all need a bit of routine to work at our best so why not walk to or from your home office? A 20-minute walk before work will set you up for the day, while a stroll afterwards will help you unwind and switch off.

Tip 5 - Get snap happy

Capturing moments makes walking even more interesting. Plan a walk and take your smart phone or camera along and take some Instagram-worthy snaps of your local park, sunset or town centre.

Tip 6 - Work out from home

If you are at 'very high risk' from coronavirus you should have received a letter from the NHS advising you to take extra steps to protect yourself. This includes not leaving your home for any reason (also called shielding). Whatever your situation, it remains important to stay active.

Tip 7 - Walk to the local shops

We’re advised to shop locally, so walk to your local shop for ingredients for this week’s meals – or if you have a neighbour who can’t leave the house, why not do their shopping for them?

Tip 8 - Go for a scavenger hunt

Go on a scavenger hunt as part of your daily exercise and spot interesting things in your neighbourhood. Count how many things like lampposts or ladybirds you see – and look out for rainbows in other people’s windows.

Tip 9 - Have a walking adventure

Take your household on a walking adventure.

Whether you live with children, your parents or flatmates - see what adventures you can get up to as part of your daily exercise!

Tip 10 - Let the kids lead the way

Children can make you see walking differently, so let the little ones take you for a walk – and enjoy some fresh air and fun at the same time.

It will help benefit your child's learning too as walking has been proven to improve children’s energy and concentration levels – win win.

Tip 11 - Have a happy shoesday!

Make your daily walk a bit different by putting on some happy shoes and get practising for Happy Shoesday this October.

Wear an interesting, happy or unusual pair of shoes and have some fun while you keep fit.

Tip 12 - Treat yourself

Listening to a podcast whilst taking a walk can provide the perfect escape, which is exactly why it's one of our #Try20 tips. Of course, if you're walking with headphones in - be mindful about what's going on around you. Happy listening!

Tip 13 - Look for rainbows

Take a walk outside and look out for the rainbows drawn to thank our NHS staff and key workers. You could even create a rainbow hunt with the kids and draw more of them when you get home.

Tip 14 - Take a romantic promenade

Make your date night a bit different with a romantic stroll. Instead of slouching in front of the TV, watch the sun set together and create the perfect end to your day.

Go on your favourite local walk with your loved one – or take the whole household and get everyone to talk about a happy memory. It might inspire you to cook a special film or watch a favourite film when you get home.

Tip 15 - Take a mindful meander

Walking is not only good for our bodies, it's great for our mood. It’s the perfect way to relax and connect with nature. Take time for yourself to absorb the sights, smells and sounds you encounter.

The causes of poor mental health are complex enough, but when you add the conditions of dealing with the daily realities of a pandemic, stress is not something we can just walk away from. However, we can say with certainty that everyday walking can help us fight back.

Walking helps improve mental and physical wellbeing, tackle depression and anxiety, and connect us with our world and those around us. So, a society that walks more stands to be one that is healthier and happier as a result.

Tip 16 - Rate your walk

Now you’ve got to know your local area, think about what improvements you’d like to see – and rate your walk.

Tip 17 - Prepare for the weather

You shouldn’t be put off walking by the weather. Come rain or shine, if you’re prepared you can get in your daily 20. Stock up on waterproof clothing and keep sunscreen and a bottle of water in your bag.

Tip 18 - Make someone's day

Make someone's day by volunteering. Why not help friends, family or neighbours who can’t get to the shops?

Make your trip to the supermarket part of your daily exercise. Leave essential supplies on the doorstep and give them a friendly wave through the window!

Tip 19 - Power walk to the finish

Power walking is a great way to stay healthy, boosting fitness and energy levels. You’ll get further in your 20 minutes too!

Try walking on different surfaces and inclines - it uses different muscles and will strengthen them as well.

Tip 20 - Share your highlights

Congratulate yourself for pledging to #Try20. Choose your favourite tip and give it another go. Or, if this is the first #Try20 tip you're trying, put on some of your favourite tunes and get striding.

Be proud of your decision to get more active and being part of the clean air solution!

Content sourced from Living Streets (livingstreets.org.uk)

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