EA Healthwell Restart Programme

Our Health and Wellbeing team are delighted to present some of our planned activity to support staff health and wellbeing during the next three months. 

Education Restart will be a challenging time for many and it is the intention of the EA HealthWell Programme to support staff as we move forward. 

The EA HealthWell Programme and EA HealthWell Hub are two of the many support services linked to delivering EA's all staff focused Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2019-22.  

Please note some of the session timings in the programme above have been selected to try and increase accessibility to certain staff e.g. School based staff.

For all things staff health and wellbeing, do not hesitate to contact healthandwellbeing@eani.org.uk. ​

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PDF icon EA HealthWell Restart Programme Aug-Oct 20 Final.pdf