Reading through MS Teams

Health and Wellbeing Champion Initiative

To support the Health and Wellbeing strategic theme of “Healthy Minds” at work and “Social Health” we are excited to provide staff with the opportunity to join up to a group designed to encourage reading. This initiative has been established and co-ordinated by one of our EA Health & Wellbeing Champions, Jason Arbuckle, CASE Peace IV Shared Education Development Officer. Please see below Jason’s inspiration behind this engaging initiative.

Reading on Teams

I have never been an avid reader but during Lockdown I set myself the aim of reading 1 book a week. I knew to look after my own wellbeing I needed to add a better work/ life balance to my day with different activities...and this was one that I feel works for me.


The idea behind this group on Teams is that we share ideas for books that we have read…some good…some bad…some just a bit meh. We all have those shelves that are bending under the weight of books that we promised ourselves we would get to one day.


My one rule? Once I started a book I had to finish it and then write a short review. This group will allow us to share books that we love, we hate, and we always wanted to look at it.


More importantly the group is set up to allow for that interaction we don’t get from being at the office – those incidental chats with our colleagues that happen over a cup of coffee or other warm beverage.


Every Monday between Midday and 1pm I will be on the group to chat about the books I have read but this is an open access group for everyone within EA. Once established we can explore doing it through videoconferencing or maintain the online chat/ discussions.


If you are like me and always on the lookout for new books, then come and get involved!

Email me your interest to